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Roku remote doesn’t have a power button?!?

Hi all, I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t turn my TV on with my roku device and remote. Well, I’m there isn’t a power on/off button on the remote? 

What the heck? There is nothing in the roku package that explains why or how to use a power buttonless roku remote. 

anyone know about this? I’m perplexed and of course, it’s nearly impossible to reach anyone at roku directly. Their live chat doesn’t even work today. 

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Re: Roku remote doesn’t have a power button?!?


Some of the devices come equipped with a Simple Remote.  These lack TV controls (Power and Volume) so you must use your TV remote to control these functions.  In the current line of new Roku devices, limited to the HD Roku Express.

In Roku model releases, generally the non-plus(+) models come equipped with a Simple remote.

To use the Roku Express with the Simple Remote, just press the Home button when you are ready to start streaming (wakes Roku device), and then press the Home button again when you are finished streaming to return to Home Screen (stops data usage and device will eventually enter sleep mode).


Currently, the Express 4k+ (3941) is on sale for $30, which is what the new dual-band Express HD  (3960) is currently selling at.  You will normally find the same price at retailers (Walmart, Best Buy, Target) to be offering at same price as Roku website.  This device will come with a Voice Remote with TV controls and is certainly an upgrade over the basic HD Express.  (the 4k+ will stream up to 4k resolution.  Will work on both 4k and non-4k televisions/HD).

If you can, may be worthwhile to return the current HD Express and purchase the Express 4k+.  (remote controls)


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