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Roku Ultra 4660RW New Remote Compatibility?

Are any of the remotes currently for sale on the official Roku website (model numbers RC784, RCA1R, and RCS01R) compatible with the Ultra 4660RW?

On the store page for each remote there is a box that says both "Compatible with your devices" in bold and "There are no compatible devices linked to your account" immediately under it, so I'm a bit confused: is this just unclear web design and I'm meant to only pay attention to the text in bold, or is there some sort of glitch happening and I'm being shown both messages for each possible compatibility scenario at once, and if so, which of the two is true?

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Re: Roku Ultra 4660RW New Remote Compatibility?


Both the RF/Wifi Remotes Roku Voice Remote (RCA1R) and the Roku Voice Remote Pro (RCS01R) and the IR Simple Remote (RC784) are compatible with your Ultra 4660.

All three came up as compatible with my 4660 so may have just been a glitch for you.

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