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Roku Remote wont turn my Fire Tv on...

I have a Amazon Fire Tv Model AMZ_K24NE5_4K50N400A and my Roku Remote will not power the TV on. If I press the Home button on the remote it will turn the TV on and the volume works fine and I can use the power button to turn the TV off.  I've tried to repair the remote and it will work one time and then it stops.  Is there anything I can try to get it to work?  Thanks! 

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Re: Roku Remote wont turn my Fire Tv on...

Hi @DazedChicken,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

I understand that you wish to power the TV off and on using your Roku voice remote. We recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps and tips provided by our Support page here: Why is my Roku voice remote not controlling power and volume on my TV?

Hope you'll find this info useful. Keep us posted on how it goes! 


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Re: Roku Remote wont turn my Fire Tv on...


Pressing the Home button on the Roku Remote is likely turning your TV on because you have "1-touch play" Enabled in either your Roku settings on in your TV CEC settings.  The 1-touch play is a CEC feature that will automatically switch to the appropriate HDMI input and power on the TV via HDMI CEC.  Pressing any button on the Roku remote (other than the TV control buttons - power, volume, mute), will initiate this feature. (Settings/System/Control other Devices/1-touch play)

Pairing the Roku remote only pairs the Roku remote to the Roku device.  Will not affect the TV.

The Power and Volume buttons are "TV Controls" and have no affect on the Roku device.  Pressing the Power button after programming to work with the attached TV should both power on and off the TV.  

If your TV is not powering on when pressing the Power button, then sounds like you need to program the TV controls feature of the Roku remote to your FireTV.  Navigate to Settings/Remotes & Devices/Remotes/Setup Remote for TV Control and follow the on-screen prompts for setup.

On some TVs you may need to "lie" to the on screen prompts and answer incorrectly. (ie. answer that you don't hear music when you actually do so that Roku remote setup will attempt to use another programming code.)  May need to try a few different codes with your TV brand until it correctly powers on/off and gives you the volume controls you need.

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