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Roku Remote Pro Not a Great Upgrade

The Voice Remote Pro is disappointing for me because it removed the dedicated SlingTV key which I use all the time.  Instead, it provides 4 keys I dont use.  So, I had to program the user key to get back my SlingTV shortcut.  So not worthwhile getting this remote.   

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Re: Roku Remote Pro Not a Great Upgrade


The dedicated buttons can vary from remote to remote. Meaning that if whoever packed the box your remote came in had pick up a different one from the stack, you could have different buttons. There is not set group of buttons that comes on any specific model remote.

Roku sells the space on the remotes. They're like billboards, only they actually launch apps. If Sling didn't buy any buttons, then there won't be any Sling buttons. If they did, then they're in the mix. You simply got one that didn't have that button. The person who bought the one next to yours may have received a Sling button and is now complaining that they wanted one you have.

It's not exactly random, but there is no guarantee of getting or not getting a particular button.

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