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Replacement simple remote not working

I have a TLC•Roku TV with a simple remote (no wifi connection or paring). The remote was lost for a while and then simply would not work after I finally found it. I purchased a replacement remote directly from the spare parts website for my TV, but the replacement remote will not work either. Nothing happens when I point it at the TV just like the last one. I bought the remote based on my TVs model and serial number so it is for sure the correct one, why will it not work? Is there a set up step that I am missing?

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Re: Replacement simple remote not working

A simple remote is IR (Infrared) based. Make sure wherever the sensor is located is not blocked. The manual (you can probably find one online) may show a picture pointing out where the sensor is. It's also possible it's damaged or dead.

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Re: Replacement simple remote not working

I have a Samsung TV that responds to remotes when it feels like it.  I either bang on it to persuade it to cooperate or unplug the power for a few seconds and plug it back in.

You can verify if an IR remote is working by pointing it at a digital camera like the one in your phone.  If you see a flash on the camera screen when you press a button on the remote then it's probably a problem with the TV and not the remote assuming you have the correct remote for the TV.

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