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Reel Rookie

Remote will not connect to LG C2 TV

I'm not able to connect my Roku remote to the LG C2 TV. I have a Premiere+ Roku with remote (RC-GR3) with Sidekick.

When I attempt to connect I can hear the music and click yes that I can hear it, but it cycles through the question three times and will not connect. The remote will however connect to my Sony Sound Bar.

Is this version of Roku Premiere+ and remote compatible with LG? It worked previously with a Samsung tv.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Remote will not connect to LG C2 TV

Hello @shumway77,

A warm welcome from the Roku Community!

Thank you for reaching out to us about your issue with your remote. We're here to assist.

With manufacturers producing various models, most TV brands have several remote codes. During the remote setup, your Roku device will attempt to narrow this list of possible codes on your specific TV brand and program your voice remote to the correct code.

To have your Roku device try additional remote codes, restart the TV controls setup process for your voice remote and alter the steps as follows:

  1. When you first hear the music stop and are asked, "Did the music stop playing?" do not answer the question. Instead, turn the volume back up with your TV remote until the music is audible again.
  2. Now, answer the question with No, and your Roku device will move on to try the following remote code.
  3. The next time you hear the music stop, answer the question with Yes and your voice remote will be programmed with the new code.
  4. In rare cases, you may need to repeat this process, answering No to multiple codes before finding a code that controls power and volume.

Please keep us posted on what you find out, and we will be happy to continue assisting you further. We look forward to hearing back from you.


Roku Community Moderator
Reel Rookie

Re: Remote will not connect to LG C2 TV


Thanks for the response. It never asks me if the music stopped playing. It first asks “do you still hear the music?” and then asks “is the music still playing?” When I answer yes it continues to cycle through the same question. If I answer no it says it was successful. But it wasn’t successful because it doesn’t power the tv on/off.

I don’t have the voice remote but instead the model I listed. I’m trying to connect using the IR setup as the CEC setup didn’t work either. I just noticed that when I select the remote setting there’s a message on the screen saying “the current remote does not support TV control” but it did connect to a Samsung plasma tv previously.

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