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Remote whistling on Roku ultra

Every time I use my Roku, my remote whistles and asks me to touch any button to stop. I have a Roku Ultra. 
my other Rokus don’t do this. How do I stop this?

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Roku Guru

Re: Remote whistling on Roku ultra

Remove the batteries turn power off on device, wait a minute or longer then reboot device replace batteries in remote and see if it happens again. If not your good if yes go to remote control setting in device settings! and check all settings!

You may want to repair your remote! You can also use a mobile app to control your Roku device, go to moble app store for iphone or android and do search for Roku and download an install the app!

Connect bto your device and use the mobile phone as your remote or both!

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Remote whistling on Roku ultra

The Roku Ultra has a physical button on it that's activates the  "remote finder" that tries to make the connected remote make a sound so you can find where it was misplaced.  Can you check that nothing is pushing this button in?


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