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Remote went bang! (LOUD POP!)

My Roku 4k stick remote made a very loud pop/bang but still seems to be working. Battery area slightly wet but barely. Using the duracell AAA batteries supplied with Roku when new. Remote appears to be working though. Is this a fire risk? Or explosion risk? Made both me and my dog jump. Remote was on sofa at the time. Won't leave it anywhere near combustible material now!

Is it safe to continue using or do I need to request a replacement? Or take back to Argos where purchased? 

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Re: Remote went bang! (LOUD POP!)

I would replace the batteries immediately. Only two things can "pop" like that in an electronic device, and that would be a battery or a capacitor. I doubt the remote has any capacitor large enough to make an audible pop if it blew, but a battery certainly might. And that wetness should not be there, so I suspect the battery is leaking. Make sure you completely dry the battery area, as that liquid is likely corrosive and you don't want it affecting the battery contacts. 


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