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Remote to my TCL 43 inch TV runs slow.

I have the same problem with the remote on my 65” TCL remote. I have two smaller TCL tvs & they all have the same problem. Hours on the phone with TCL is a waste. Each time I call they all want to repeat the same tests. Waste of time. Some on line suggestions help for a short time but not long. I think it is simply a problem with these tv makes and they refuse to fix it. I also had a problem with the sound not coming on when turning the tv on. Many hours later they replaced it with a refurbished tv. Now the remote is terribly slow to respond. Guess there is a reason this brand is cheaper than the competition.

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Re: Remote to my TCL 43 inch TV runs slow.

Hi @Rbatten1,

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Have you tried restarting the system of your TV by unplugging it from the wall outlet for a minute and plugging it back in right after? You can also restart the system by going to Settings > System > Power > System Restart and see if it fixes the issue.

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Re: Remote to my TCL 43 inch TV runs slow.

I have the same problem and have definitely tried restarting in numerous ways.  Nothing seems to work.  Do these TVs have a limit of how much data can be stored on them? Anything else you can recommend? I am ready to throw this thing out.

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Re: Remote to my TCL 43 inch TV runs slow.


Some users just add a Roku streaming device (set top player or Streaming Stick) to the RokuTV in order to upgrade the experience.  

I know my Insignia RokuTV (smaller kitchen TV) is getting as slow as molasses navigating the menus and selecting or exiting channels/apps.  The internal hardware is just struggling with the demands of the Roku OS and the channels/apps.

Having several different setups, I personally prefer a simple TV with a HDMI attached Roku device over an integrated RokuTV.  Not only is the performance better, but I don't have to worry about Roku software updates affecting my OTA/antenna watching experience.  Basically, I let the TV do its thing, and Roku do its thing.  

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