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Remote Control notification pops up on screen constantly

The notification has popped up on the screen about every 45 seconds since received my roku ultra 2020 about 2 weeks ago. It does it with fresh batteries and when the batteries are wearing out - batteries wear out FAST - I have changed them twice already and fixing to change them again as pop up shows about 50%. Why is it using so fast and why wont pop up go away? It did that with the batteries that came with it also.


Re: Remote Control notification pops up on screen constantly

Did you ever get a reply to this problem?  I'm getting pop-up "Remote Control" notifications on my TV screen too.  Battery on notification sometimes shows green bars (good) and other times red bars (bad) even though I don't do anything to the remote.  How to fix/remove pop-ups?

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Re: Remote Control notification pops up on screen constantly

Thanks for the post.

Can you please clarify the issue you are experiencing? What Roku model device are you experiencing this issue with? Is the remote that you are using the remote that came with the Roku device?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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Re: Remote Control notification pops up on screen constantly

I'm getting the same thing. Even when its charged, it keeps popping up in the right corner and won't stop

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Re: Remote Control notification pops up on screen constantly

Hey @RokuDanny-R this issue could easily be fixed if an option was added to the remote section in the "Settings" to "Enable/Disable Battery Notification" so these pop ups could be completely removed.

Why will Roku not add this option with a software update? I have seen new settings added all the time after updates have occurred, this would be a very useful one to be added which would solve a lot of complaints. Yet Roku seems completely unwilling to add this simple option, why is that? Explain please!

Report this suggestion to the team responsible for creating this useless and annoying battery notification (that never functions properly) in the first place and tell them to make it optional! A simple setting to turn it off!

Doesn't anyone at Roku understand how useful that would be? Then all of these complaints about battery pop ups could end! Since this option to disable the battery notification would be the perfectly logical thing to do, I expect Roku to do the exact opposite and continue to ignore the issue. Because from my experience dealing with Roku issues that's how this company prefers to operate.

I'm sure there are already more useless updates being designed right now that will be coming in the next update, while the important battery notification issue continues to be ignored.

How terrible a way to run a company!


Re: Remote Control notification pops up on screen constantly

@RokuDanny-R @I am having the very same issue and I have the Roku Voice Remote Pro, model RC832.

It’s very annoying and distracting. I’m about ready to do a Factory Reset to see if that solves the issue, but then my husband would have to deal with having to set everything back up. The remote is also having to constantly be charged and this point it’s just a lot easier to leave it plugged in on the charger because the remote does so fast, like the very next day sometimes.

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Re: Remote Control notification pops up on screen constantly

Hello @RootOhana

We appreciate your contact!

If your Roku remote is blinking green and the battery icon is popping up on your TV every few seconds, it may be indicating a low battery level or a connectivity issue between the remote and your Roku Ultra device. Here are a few things you can try:

-Replace the batteries in your remote with fresh ones. A blinking green light on the remote often indicates low battery power, and replacing the batteries can help fix the issue.
-Check the connectivity between the remote and the Roku Ultra device. You can try moving closer to the device or resetting the connection by pressing the reset button on the back of the remote.
-Try restarting your Roku Ultra device. Sometimes restarting the device can help reset any connectivity issues.
-Reset your Roku Ultra remote. You can reset the remote by pressing and holding the pairing button on the back of the remote for at least 3 seconds. Then release the button and wait for the remote to restart.
We hope it helps!


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