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ROKU Quirky Behavior is a Built-In Issue -Low Battery Warning after One Day

I'm brand new to ROKU.  Set up last week, March 17, 2022.  After one day of use low battery 🔋 warning displayed.  I automatically assumed the new batteries supplied were **bleep**.  I was in the process of changing them when the message disappeared.  When the message first appeared it interrupted the movie but after under a minute the message disappeared & the movie started up where it left off.  After reading all the messages from 2019 to date I don't think it's worth pursuing ROKU.  Their follow-up is not the best & I truly believe it is a built-in quirk that I can live with.  When the message stays on my screen permanently then I will change my batteries.  From someone who has only just connected a brand new Roku streaming stick+ & used it for a week.  The low -battery message has appeared 3 times & left just as quickly.

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Re: ROKU Quirky Behavior is a Built-In Issue -Low Battery Warning after One Day


Certainly is a quirk.  Occasionally you will be reminded that your batteries are fully charged or at 80% also.

I believe it will eventually go away and stop reappearing for you.  It really is just a very random occurence.

Roku should really provide a way to disable this notification.  There was a time when people were able to figure out for themselves it was time to change their batteries when they pushed the buttons and nothing happened.

I am pretty sure this ability disappeared somewhere around the time they began to print instructions on shampoo bottles.

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Re: ROKU Quirky Behavior is a Built-In Issue -Low Battery Warning after One Day

I own 8 Roku devices now. 3 of them are TCL Roku TV’s. Others are Sticks and Ultras. Not one issue with any of them or the remotes. Exactly which model did you buy? A Roku device or a TV? Is so exactly when and where did you purchase it from? If it was from a local store then simply exchange it. Did you try new batteries at all?

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