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New Roku express remote quit during set up

I just bought a roku express today, and the remote quit working during set up.  I also have one that quit working after about 3 months. They are the basic remotes. Can I get a replacement sent to me, or do I have to keep buying new ones?

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Re: New Roku express remote quit during set up


First, verify it's the remote. Using your cellphone camera, look at the end of the remote -- directly into the end -- and press a button. Do you see a light flash corresponding to the button presses? If so, the remote is working. If not, then yeah, the remote is bad.

Since Roku devices can be purchased locally in many many cities and towns -- Walmart sells them, as do Best Buy and other retailers -- I'm hoping you bought it that way rather than online. If so, take it back for exchange or replacement. If online, return it via the retailer return process.

If you bought it from Roku directly, use the Roku Returns page.

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