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Multiple rokus (ultras and streaming stick) lose volume control and power off/on

I have been roku customer for 4 yrs plus with over 12 of them spread over relatives houses.

I installed 4 ultras and 2 sticks about a month ago.

They will pair normally to the tv and control volume and power.

Then about 3 weeks ago, they would stop allowing volume to be adjusted and the on/off.

Normal commands to roku (channels controls etc) work correctly.

If you power of tv it will work for a min or 2 then stop....then 5mins later magically start working again.

I have gone into the secret menus and forced the codes for for same brand and those do not work..I have to use the default codes for it to work.

I enabled the CEC on one display and one of them did not even have it as a option. The tv's are all different, panasonic, LG and vizio. 

 I could see one doing it but all of them is crazy...I even powered down all rokus except one and issue still arises.

 Yes I did a full reset on one and it still has same issue. I even did the force OTA update.

 These are the 2pack costco rokus that have a ultra and stick.

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