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Known issue with Roku Pro usb charging port

I need help with the known and ongoing issue with the USB (C?) charging port. I’ve had to purchase several Roku Pro remotes with the headjack. It’s shoddy and loses pins or wears down within 2-4 months every time. I’m very careful with my remote, it’s definitely not the cable itself. It’s the port (opening) that has been cheaply built. I never had this problem with the battery power one, but I got tired of changing & recharging batteries. Roku really needs to address this issue as I have purchased several Roku units and many, many more remotes with the headphone jack. The Roku remote with headphone jack should easily last well over a year, not 2-4 months. Please advise. 

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Re: Known issue with Roku Pro usb charging port

Unless they've changed this with a recent production run, the charging port on the Voice Remote Pro is USB-micro, not USB-C.   I'd very much like to see a USB-C port myself, if only because one doesn't need to struggle with the orientation of the plug in a semi-dark room, but from what I've read USB-C requires paying a licensing fee, so Roku being Roku ... 

My oldest Voice Remote Pro is just now 2 years old and is still going strong.  FWIW I find I have some USB-mini cables that make a wobbly connection and I have to jiggle them around to get the Pro to charge.  I have some others that plug in more firmly and just work.

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