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I just moved and now my remote is not working

I just moved.  Everything was working fine before my move. Now I’m trying to set up my TVs and everything. I have the tv on, the Roku all plugged in and on, and I have the tv on the correct input. I can see the main screen of Roku, and in the list I can see “Home” highlighted, but the remote is completely un-responsive. 
I’ve tried all the troubleshooting. Unplugging everything, replacing batteries, pressing and holding the reboot button, none of that stuff has worked. 
I tried using my phone as the remote. My phone can’t find my Roku because it is not connected to the WiFi. It’s not connected to the WiFi because I just moved and the remote won’t work so I can’t connect. Please help! Thank you!

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Re: I just moved and now my remote is not working

@Gmfarrell wrote:

... pressing and holding the reboot button...

There is not a reboot button on Roku. There is a factory reset button (labeled Reset). So, your Roku isn't connected to the network because of the factory reset. You're gonna have to go through the full setup again, once you get a remote working. And, as you've discovered, once you are off network via factory reset, or on a new network with different SSID and/or password, you can't connect without a remote.

You got two options right now. 1) troubleshoot and figure out what's going on with your remote. You're attempting to do that, and that's a good idea. But I want you to be aware of the other option, which may solve it quicker, and that's 2) get a new remote.

If you go option 2, the one to get depends on your model number. You didn't provide that, and it'll be difficult to provide it, unless you can find it on the bottom or back of the device.

The most important thing is, is it a stick? Sticks require RF remotes (WiFi Direct) that you can get from Walmart, Best Buy, etc., for around $20. Non-stick devices can actually use cheap universal remotes (IR), as long as the packaging says you can use it with Roku. They are under $10 from Walmart, Best Buy, CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, etc.

As for troubleshooting the current remote, does it have a pairing button under the battery cover? It'll be visible without removing the batteries. If so, then you'll need to pair the remote. I think you've tried those steps, but try again, carefully following the instructions Roku provides here:

and here:

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Re: I just moved and now my remote is not working

Im with him. Unless you've dropped your remote in water or it fell off the moving truck you should be able to use it. Also you can use the mobile app and manually configure the rokus ip address which should be something like and in order to get to manual set up on your mobil app down at the bottom where it says devices you have to push and hold that button for a second and it'll take you to manual ip configuration. Or on your way home from work or school or dropping your girl off which you probably lost because you don't have a working roku for 10-20 bucks you can buy a new one and skip the drama with the other bull. Im not really sure why so many folks are have so many troubles with roku remotes. And roku and orher tech folks reply to that with ahhh no big deal you can download the mobile app and use your phone or just buy a new roku remote. NO let me repeat that NO!! I already bought a remote when i bought my roku. I shouldn't have to buy one nor should anybody else whrn its a mayjor problem with roku. It's not like there's just a few problems there's thousands and roku just wants to make it up.. not by fixing the problem but having you go buy a new one that'll have something wrong with it sooner or later too. Man im sorry you're you're having trouble. I didn't mean to turn into rambling about a bunch of stuff and not really even saying anything  Big Joe Biden. Have a great day

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