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I don’t have a charging port on my rechargeable remote

Ok so I got a voice control remote like about a month or two ago and it didn’t come with any cord to charge , I’m trying to use it and it’s saying that it’s on 0% it’s no charging port on my remote and I don’t know what to do and or how to charge it @roku I need answers .

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Re: I don’t have a charging port on my rechargeable remote


Not all Roku Voice Remotes are rechargeable.  Only the Voice Remote Pro is rechargeable.

Have you looked on the back of your remote to see if there is a cover for your batteries?

If you are sure you have the Voice Remote Pro, look for the charging port that is under the purple Roku cloth tag at bottom end of remote. (see image below).

You can use this link to see which remote you have.

Click on image to enlarge.


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