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How much reading do I have to do to get a fix on my battery draining remote?

I have read so many of these posts already and every time I get close to a fix, a moderator or someone comes in and asks to "private message" them.  so I suppose  I will lodge my complaint and wait for the same thing.  There is obviously an issue with not just one type but a few of the remotes that have been sold through roku.  A recall would be the respectful thing to do.  My remote is the enhanced voice remote and I do not want to calculate the amount of money I have dumped in batteries over the past 2 years because I have enough anger issues and need no reason for more.   I made the mistake of buying 4 of these things in my home so im kind of invested here.  At this point, I would like for someone to simply explain why I am swapping out batteries at least once a week.

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Re: How much reading do I have to do to get a fix on my battery draining remote?

Hello @batteryinvestor

We're here to help!

Battery life will vary based on usage. For normal use, the remote batteries may last two months or longer. Does your Roku remote support private listening? This may also be one factor for the battery drain.

Please reply here with the serial number of the Roku device associated with the affected remote. It can be viewed from the Settings menu by navigating to Settings > System > About. I'll be able to further assist you from there.

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