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Cannot find mount for swivel

We have a roku TV, but it does not seem to have mounting screws/slots on the back. I need a swivel base for it, but it is very long TV and will not fill on typically smaller full table top swivel bases that can be found online. 


Is there an official roku swivel base that is built for roku TVs to allow for this?

this seems like super bad design to not allow mounting brackets..... 

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Roku Guru

Re: Cannot find mount for swivel

Roku doesn’t make TVs.  With respect to TVs, Roku is more of an adjective like HD TV and Color TV. So, you’re going to need an actual brand and model before anyone knows what kind of mounting options you may have. And you might have more luck at a TV forum than a Roku forum – we typically know more about the Roku capability that is built-in to your TV.


Re: Cannot find mount for swivel

gotchya - thank you for the clarification. this led me to investigate the manufacturer and i found support - thank you very much 🙂 

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