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Alternative to Roku or 3rd party Roku Remote

  I have three Roku devices, one old hockey puck type and two 4k type.

My older Roku remote works fine, I have never had any problems with the device except that sometime updates have been too large.

However, it has become clear that Roku remotes for newer devices are just junk, there are a plethora of videos on YouTube about cleaning the insides to improve contact but each comes with a warning.

It does not help that Roku has removed all screws from the remote so we are warned that the clips that hold it together are easily broken if we try to open it up.

To be honest having used my old Roku Remote for over 10 years without issue I do not expect to have to break open a remote and spend money on expensive liquids to clean it.

It is not just that I am getting a poor contact, it appears that the buttons I press are recorded but because the device does not respond immediately I press again and again, then suddenly some of the depressions are recorded and the app I am in responds but not in the desired way because I did not want 13 depressions of the left arrow key in YouTube app.

I am NOT far away, just about 2.5m away from the TV and yes I am pointing it at the **bleep** Roku.

I have also changed the batteries and even got the most expensive cells, no change,

I am so fed up with this, I have researched other Roku devices but posts suggest that this has recording devices and goodness knows what inside.  I am not going to use an App on my phone, I want the remote to work as intended.

I believe that the rubbery material used in the Roku is the cause of the issues, I have seen this used in other devices and noticed that not only does it appear to "sweat" but it gets sticky after some years. I do not live in a hot country and my heating is not at all high.

I suspect that the videos suggest this cleaning to remove these residues, but I should NOT have to do this.  

So I am now looking for suggestions of a 3rd party remote that will control the Roku or probably best solution is just to buy an alternative HDMI TV device,  I do not need that many apps, just YouTube, Plex, Netflix & AppleTV, maybe Rumble too.   

I could install most of the above in my TV but I bought Roku because I liked the idea of portability.

It is going to be hard to persuade me to buy another Roku device, it seems that the best option is to sell mine on eBay and find an alternative. 

Any suggestions?

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Re: Alternative to Roku or 3rd party Roku Remote

This aftermarket universal iremote isn't for the hockey puck Roku, what models are the 4k Roku? If they're sticks than there are no universal remote will control them. Universal remote only control devices that accept IR commands which Roku sticks don't.  

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Binge Watcher

Re: Alternative to Roku or 3rd party Roku Remote

Thanks for that.


So can anyone recommend an alternative HDMI Stick?

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