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3800x no remote - If I buy new voice remote can I connect without the roku being connected to wifi?

I have a 3800x streaming stick and just moved to a new apartment with a new wifi system. My device is not connected to the internet and I do not have a remote (I always just used the roku app as a remote). I tried the trick of creating a mobile hotspot with the same name and password as my previous wifi that the roku device knew, but the roku would not connect. Does anyone have any trouble shooting advice here?

It is my understanding that a simple IR remote will not work for the streaming stick, correct? If I buy a new Voice remote, can I connect it to my Roku without the device being connected to wifi? I just want to make sure if I purchase the new remote that it is going to work. Alternatively, if there are any other options I can look into to connect my 3800x device to wifi, please let me know! Thanks!

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Re: 3800x no remote - If I buy new voice remote can I connect without the roku being connected to wi

Roku says the Voice Remote Pro will work on the 3800. The Voice Remote doesn't have a supported device list, but I'm confident that it will work as well. You are correct that the Simple remote will not work on any Roku Stick model. 

No, the Roku does not need to be connected to your network to pair a new remote to it. For instructions to pair the new remote to your Stick, see this page.

Also, if your new apartment WiFi is a shared network for your entire building, do not be surprised if you can no longer use the Roku app to control your Stick. The WiFi network has to be private for the app to see and control your Roku, and most shared networks have a security setting that blocks connected devices from finding other connected devices. And you don't want them to turn that setting off. 🙂


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