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Binge Watcher

3600x (or r) stick - remote and wifi issues

So here's what happened. Everything was working fine. I took this device and remote on a vacation and connected to the wifi there. It worked great.

Now, at home. It isn't connecting to wifi, probably trying to still use the vacation home wifi. I tried changing my iphone hotspot and password to the vacation credentials but it still won't connect.

Also, when the stick powers up it's trying to do an update but of course it can't due to not being connected. Not sure if this is relevant or not.

Lastly, the remote won't pair with it. It says it's trying to pair but never succeeds.

I have no way of controlling it at this point. Recycled both the stick and the remote multiple times. Tried to pair multiple times. Nothing.

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Re: 3600x (or r) stick - remote and wifi issues

Pairing a remote can be one of the biggest pains with Roku devices.  A few tricks I've learned over the years are:

  • Make sure you have new batteries in the remote; weak batteries won't cut it to pair
  • Disconnect the power from any other Roku devices so that they can't interfere in the process
  • Unplug the power to your router while you're trying to pair

My preferred method is have the power to the Roku disconnected, press and hold the pairing button on the remote until the light starts flashing, and then connect the power to the Roku.  Place the remote down close to the Roku device and hope it pairs once the Roku restarts.

Good luck!

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Binge Watcher

Re: 3600x (or r) stick - remote and wifi issues

Thanks! I got it connected. I left the stick unplugged and the remote without batteries for hours. Then tried again and it paired pretty easily. Then I could get connected to my network.

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