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Windows 10 PC not detecting Roku Ultra on WIRED CONNECTION

My Windows 10 PC has an ethernet connection to the home network. Roku Ultra has a wired connection to the home network. Win10 can't detect Roku in the "Bluetooth and Other Devices" part of Settings.

- Win10 and Roku both are updated

- Win10 has media streaming turned on

- Win10 is able to CAST video correctly to my Samsung TV, unmediated by Roku

- Roku and Samsung TV are able to screen mirror my iPhone

Has anybody successfully screen mirrored to Roku Ultra, from Win10 and know what I could be missing? This has been an ongoing project I've revisited over the past 2 years. Does Roku not screen mirror on wired connections, despite all 3 devices (TV, Win10 PC, Roku Ultra) being on the same network?

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