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Reel Rookie

ultra 11.0.0 4184 Plays .mp4 from usb now, all choppy and looks like jap anime

Hi all:  Roku Ultra owner, disgruntled as I bought the best, only to be dissapointed. Nothing but issues, I could list 5 problems already. But playing .mp4s FROM USB  should be easy to make work. Which it did on build 10 and early. But on 10.5, No deals,  and they even let you roll back because they knew they had **bleep**. Well now 11.00 still has issues and there is no rolling back. So into the garbage can it goes. I honestly dont care if this gets resolved or not as My Ultra is in the trash. I'll be moving on !  Good luck to anyone trying to actually get this unit to do half of what it claims, I do not recommend this as an IT professional to any of my businesses or clients.

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