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Reel Rookie

"Continue Watching" appeared, then disappeared!

Hi all, I just found this forum and am looking for guidance. A few days ago I was astounded to see a much-needed feature appear on my home screen called "Continue Watching." It amazed me because my sister and I were recently talking about how that feature would make things so much easier! We both forget from night to night which streaming service we were using the previous night and then must test each individual channel's "continue watching" feature. Very irritating. So it was a great QoL upgrade, but then the next night it had disappeared! I almost wondered if I dreamed it but no, because I took a picture of it. I am not sure how I disabled it and can't find it in any of the settings . 😪 Has anyone else seen it and/or knows how to toggle it off and on? TIA. 



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Re: "Continue Watching" appeared, then disappeared!


The "Continue Watching" feature on the Home Screen is a test feature of Roku that will be released in some version of 12.5.

There is another "Continue Watching" (from which this Home Screen feature is based upon), but is located within another feature called "What to Watch". (an optional left side Home Screen menu item).


In order to Enable the 'What to Watch" feature, go to Settings/Home Screen/What to Watch/[Show].

Then select What to Watch from the left side menu.  Then look for the Continue Watching section.  You should also notice a Save List and some other sections.


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Reel Rookie

Re: "Continue Watching" appeared, then disappeared!

Aha, thanks so much for that info. I believe I have that feature hidden from my home screen because it wasn't useful for me. Tonight when I'm ready to watch I will poke around in there and see what I can find. Thanks again!

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Re: "Continue Watching" appeared, then disappeared!

Hi Community users,

We will be locking this thread because of its outdated status. If you are still having issues related to this thread, please look through the Community for another thread that addresses the same problem. If there aren't any existing threads, you are more than welcome to create a new one.

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