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homepage search not looking outside ROKU channel anymore

When using SEARCH from the home page, you would get a listing of the title or actor you were searching and OTHER CHANNELS to find it on.  NOW, the only options you get are tiled listings and it is only within the ROKU channel.  There was a reply by one of your (ROKU) people that there are times when you "test" various accessibility.  Well, it's been 4 MONTHS of your "testing" and we do not want to be limited to just the ROKU channel.  Are we going to have to look for alternate access for streaming instead (Firestick etc)?

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Roku Guru

Re: homepage search not looking outside ROKU channel anymore

Try contacting Roku more directly, though its unlikely to hold much sway - they will likely force the new search on all users regardless (as they already have from some devices/users):




Regardless, I recommend (and use) a multi-platform streaming strategy using at least 3 different platforms (one of which is Android TV based to sideload apps if you want) to workaround issues like this, and you can easily obtain competing devices for $20-50 at Walmart/Amazon/etc.

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