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X-rated and horror Ads on Home Page

I understand why ads are on the homepage of my roku, but Is there a way to get pg only ads? The horror and sexually explicit films are not family friendly and make it really frustrating to use roku. 

Roku Guru

Re: X-rated and horror Ads on Home Page

Nope, no way to improve this.

Roku are not interested in developing a family friendly platform.

Best you can do is to put pin code on channel add (account setting) and setting wallpaper to default and turning seasonal wallpaper change off.

Not a Roku employee

Re: X-rated and horror Ads on Home Page

This is insane, they really should allow an option to turn those off. Not even just for children. What if I don't want to see that stuff? Honestly don't like wearing a tinfoil hat but really makes you wonder about "desensitization" and "normalization" of deviant behavior...

Might have to trash my TV and find a new mfg... 😠