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Level 7

Why the need for a microSD card?

When I changed channels from YouTubeTV to Netflix, the Roku Ultra reported that the channel was reloading and that I should consider getting a microSD card. 


Why is the unit designed like this?  Why do we need to add memory ala carte instead of having a player with sufficient built in memory, especially in "Ultra" (which is the highest level player)? 


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Level 18

Re: Why the need for a microSD card?

Wikipedia says that last Roku with an SD slot came out in 2017, so I assume this is an older model. Why did they do it then?  Probably because memory was more expensive, and extensibility is often seen as a selling point.

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Level 16

Re: Why the need for a microSD card?

It was a cost thing at the time, please people may not have had as many channels loaded, or switched between all that many at a time. I believe, other than the basic Express, all models now have 4Gb of channel storage.

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