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Why can't I use Apple Airplay on Insignia Roku TV (2015 or 2016 Model) with up to date software?

Insignia Model: NS-32DR310NA17

Hardware ID 5405X

Software Version 12.5.5 build 4174-20

Is this Television compatible with Apple Airplay and HomeKit? I cannot find the option in settings, or an app for it on the Roku TV (see above for TV Model, Hardware ID, and Software Version). Everything I see says it should be on it already, but I have no such option.

I can connect my MacBook Air to my Hisense Roku TV that is in my living room perfectly fine without the issues I had with my Windows PCs. Screen Mirroring is turned on on the Insignia Roku TV in question. I have already double checked that. I have also tried restarting it from Settings. I do have it set to Prompt me when a new device wants to connect to mirror. I have had Windows devices connected to mirror to the Insignia TV as well as the Hisense (Windows 10 Home and Pro both were horrible with Mirroring both of the Roku TVs. The MacBook does not have any issues with the Hisense).

To my understanding, you need version 9.4 or newer. My software version is much higher than that, so I am not sure what is going on with why I am having this issue.

If someone could please help me troubleshoot or give me answers for what is going on, I would greatly appreciate it.


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