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Why can't I remove Roku's AWFUL recommendations?

I've noticed an awful new feature: LOTS of REALLY bad recommendations scattered all over my home screen. There are MORE of them than there are channels that I CHOSE!  So far, there seems to be no way to turn them off or delete them. I've gone into settings and turned everything off that I can, but none of these awful recommendations are gone.

The WHOLE POINT of having a programmable digital television like Roku is so that I can program it THE WAY I WANT. I put things on my tv because I do not like normal TV or cable TV. If I wanted some corporate recommendations, I would go with Cable TV. PLEASE GIVE ME BACK CONTROL.

Also, another question for the community: Is there any other service that gives full control to the user? Is Apple TV worth investigating?

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Reel Rookie

Re: Why can't I remove Roku's AWFUL recommendations?

Roku will eventually lose all its customers.. And roku tvs will be last to sell. People bought roku to get rid of advertisements. Would be different if the end user got paid for viewing each ad. I have blocked everything youtube and google related because of ads. 

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