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How to ruin a good thing - Removing stuff from the dashboard

One of the reasons I chose Roku was the clean uncluttered interface, I also suggest it for others and even set it up for them, especially those who are visually impaired.

A few weeks back a friend I helped called me saying their Roku was not working.  I went over and Roku has added a menu for the Oscars.  WHY DO THIS?  I had turned off the screensaver and all the other stuff that gets in the way (apps they do not want or need) only to find that Roku stuck that menu in without asking or giving option to OPT IN.

Now we have this "what to watch" menu which I would REALLY like to DISABLE completely.

I simply do not want this, currently it is recommending I watch something about ORGIES, it has a load of rows of stuff I do not want and do not need, I am never going to watch Anime or other categories on there and I object to the spyware that is populating the "continue watching" row.

It is not about having some parental control I just want it GONE.  So someone please tell me if there is a secret menu to get rid of this kwap.

I just want the Apps I have installed on the Home Screen, a search option and settings.  I guess I need the ability to add apps but that could be buried under settings.  Maybe a Setup menu that has settings and store underneath it.  I don't mind the ad on the right of the apps, fair enough for Roku to get something.

 I was disappointed to read online that Roku plans to add further clutter with more ads appearing. 

I would dump all the Roku devices in a heartbeat if that happens.  They will still fetch a bit on eBay.

I came to Roku to get away from TV that had ads in it and to avoid scheduled tripe TV.  Why wreck something good.

The best thing Roku could do is give us the ability to fully customise our dashboard and settings, because YES it is our device, we paid for it and we should not pay to be messed with, that is masochism.


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Channel Surfer

Re: How to ruin a good thing - Removing stuff from the dashboard

this is why google was such a popular search engine.   Not a bunch of **bleep** on the Home Screen.   Sure deepe yes, embedded in results yes but the main UI was clean!


Roku -   The new 13.x code train was supposed to bring back 4x tiles. ( 4 across) - it didn’t…


bring back 4x!!!!   

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Re: How to ruin a good thing - Removing stuff from the dashboard

Like you, I wish there was a customization to either opt in or out of the extra things they occasionally add. Like you can with seasonal and occasional topical deals, like they did with the movie "Wish" in the last week or so, with the background theme. Myself, I like the additional items. I would most likely have never watched "The Spiderwick Chronicles," "Die Hart," or "The Weird Al Story," if not for these popping up on my home page.

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Channel Surfer

Re: How to ruin a good thing - Removing stuff from the dashboard

I just wish Roku would make the menus fonts and tiles in something other than a font size like 1980’s computers- designed to be viewed on a 12” tv.  

Given the thing can detect and appropriately set the tv resolution it knows what could be used - is it lazy coding or just insufficient memory to allow it?

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