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Reel Rookie

Why Isn't it Possible to Use a USB DAC with a USB-Equipped Roku (i.e. Ultra)?

I'd love to be able to use a USB DAC with my Roku because A) The audio on my projector is terrible, B) I don't want to buy a new projector, and C) I already have a USB DAC/amp combo (Sound Blaster E1).

I realize that USB DAC support would likely require more RAM. How much more, I'm not sure. There may be a workaround - when a USB DAC is connected, the user could be presented with the option of using the USB DAC and being unable to use the remote's headphone jack or not using the USB DAC and retaining the ability to use the remote's headphone jack. If the user decides to go through with it, the Roku could release from RAM whatever resources were needed for the remote's audio connection to make room for the resources needed for the USB DAC. The user could go into Settings to regain use of the remote's headphone jack at any time.

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