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Re: Why Am I Seeing Non English Commercials? Stop!!!

Also tired of non English ads on streaming I PAY to watch.  Contacted Hulu and Roku because they are increasing.  The options show I have selected English only.  Have updated and reset multiple times. Now contacting esp Tylenol, Airbnb, Peleton and Nescafe who are the biggest offenders.  After 11 pm every 5th ad is Spanish.  Of course Hulu's answer is pay more for no ads.  Is this the ploy? Piss off people so they'll pay to go commercial free?  That will bounce back to not using their service at all!  Does someone have a fix?  My SONT tv is set for English and EVERY device attached is English.  Who is changng this?

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Roku Guru

Re: Why Am I Seeing Non English Commercials? Stop!!!

This has nothing to do with Roku if you are seeing it on multiple services. Also, the ad market is "soft" due to the explosion of ad-supported services. Too many places to sell ads, so they are not getting as much money as before. That means they will often take any ad they can to pay the bills.

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