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Stop adding stuff to my Home screen/menu/etc.

this has almost certainly been beaten to death in multiple threads on multiple topics. i don't care. this is my first post, and quite possibly my last. so:

Roku: Stop Adding Unwanted **bleep** To My Home Screen

it seems like once every week or two, some nonsense i don't want to see and never asked for shows up on my home screen. last week it was "Recommendation rows." i don't want this. today it was a "Spiderwick Chronicles" item in my menu. i don't want this. every holiday, and every big "streaming release" day, something else is added to my home screen. i don't want this. sometimes there's some random low-rent **bleep** on the bottom left of my home screen. i don't want this. stop doing this. stop giving me things i didn't ask for. stop force feeding me ads i don't want, for content i won't watch, then making it my job to disable it - when i'm even allowed.

Roku: Knock It Off

i'm annoyed to the point where i'm considering throwing all of my roku gear in the e-cycling bin. and get this: i have a handful of rokus i use every day, like a lot of your customers. i'm so frustrated with this bs that i'm considering switching to a Chromecast with Google TV, since they support most of the channels i subscribe to, and i can cast anything they don't support much, much easier from my computer. in fact i already bought one of those Google things. it's pretty okay.


jesus christ. i don't know if this is the final straw or not, but i am frankly furious that roku is making roku advertisements for content i'm never going to watch my problem. and i'm tired. i want an opt-out option, and i want it yesterday. i pay for a number of subscription services; i'd pay a few bucks a month to not see your clumsy, ugly, intrusive, annoying ads and text and and and... on my home screen and in my menu. i bet a lot of people would. it's a win-win approach, and the fact that i can't turn this **bleep** off is asinine and a missed opportunity for your company. roku has become anti-consumer, but roku isn't the only game in town. i still think it's the best game in town, but i am personally very quickly approaching the sheer edge of the cliff you're pushing me towards.


give your customers a chance to give you some money instead of trying to get "all the money" from advertisers. the thing about that is at some point, you'll hit a critical mass of users defecting from your platform because of these minor annoyances piling up into major problems. what happens to your advertising dollars if your daily user counts diminish? i wonder! it's an unforced error, and it's death by a thousand cuts - except roku is ultimately cutting itself. if you lose someone who's been using your products for 15 years, someone who's used almost every generation of device you've ever produced, and someone who recommends to and purchases your products for other people, you've completely lost the thread. that someone is me by the way, in case it wasn't clear.


so: either knock it off or give me a reasonable option to purchase an ad-free premium service. i won't even get into the weeds of your company breaking muscle memory, which hurts user retention, which damages your brand, or how being constantly inundated with advertisements has exactly the opposite effect of what companies think, etc. but you guys are walking a very, very fine line here, and every single time i see one of these unwanted, obtrusive ads blasted into my eyes when i go to watch a youtube video, i'm adding another notch to the post. there's only enough room for a couple more notches, maybe.

get it together or i'm leaving for what i know is a worse option. it's not me, it's you.



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Re: Stop adding stuff to my Home screen/menu/etc.

Yep!!! I have literally about had it. Every TV in my house has a Roku (about 8 or 9) with a travel Roku and some older ones I've replaced. I bought into Roku YEARS ago, because I liked the simplicity of the remote, the layout of the UI, and the fact that everyone "intuitively" can work it. 

But I will say, recently I've had the exact same feeling. Every day, whenever I turn on a TV, I spend 5 minutes going through and removing all the **bleep** Roku automatically turns back on or installs. It is absolutely absurd. No joke... 

I am constantly hiding what to watch, recommendations, my offers, featured free, etc... on a bunch of devices. Only to wake up and find out I have to do it all over again. If it doesn't stop, I am literally throwing EVERY SINGLE ROKU DEVICE IN THE TRASH. Sorry for the allcaps but I thought a bot may pick it up.

I'm done with maintaining the settings on my streaming device being less enjoyable then mowing my lawn. If it doesn't stop NOW... that's a wrap.

Reel Rookie

Re: Stop adding stuff to my Home screen/menu/etc.

I absolutetly agree.  I just got on the Roku support chat to complain and the "person" I was chatting with told me to take a picture of the problem so they could identify it.  IT IS THEIR OWN ADD FOR THEMSELVES.  That is the problem.  There is only one.  I don't need to take a photo of it.  I am talking about this NEW intrusive loud obnoxious ad for ROKU TV.  Now if I pause YouTube, it shuts off and the ROKU TV ad comes on.  And I have to get out of THAT and find the YouTube channel on the menu again, start it up, and find the video I was watching.  Roku is shooting themselves not just in the foot but in the heart.  I am about to give up.  As if the nonsense of their pushing content wasn't enough.  I have several ROKU devices including a new ROKU TV.  I want to haul it all out to the dumpster after I go after it with a hammer.  This is madness!

Reel Rookie

Re: Stop adding stuff to my Home screen/menu/etc.

86% of their profits come from ad related sales and just 14% comes from sale of hardware. They are selling the screen that we bought and paid for to the highest bidder. Let's see if they delete, ban and block me here like they did on R#d#it.  😕

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