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Slow loading and complete drop outs of apps within Roku

Subject issue has worsened the past two to three months.  Specifically 'YouTube TV' and 'ESPN' are our most used apps and the load circles are killing us.  Audio and/or video can freeze within an app or, if prolonged, the entire app drops and returns us to the Roku home screen.  This is a Roku issue and we need it resolved!  We've already cleared the cache with some improvement.  Additionally, we are completely removing the unwanted apps that pop up onto our personal home screen.  Will this help - do they burden the system?  If so, can we stop the influx of new apps somehow?  Please help - the interruptions are driving us nuts!  Thank you.

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Re: Slow loading and complete drop outs of Apps within Roku

Hi @Reaper_1

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We appreciate your post and we're sorry to hear about the experience. We'd like to take a closer look to see if there's anything else we can suggest to help. Have you tried to remove the affected channels, restart your Roku device and then add your channel and try to play it back? We'd like to know what troubleshooting have you taken so far to resolve the issue. Can you give us more information about the issue you're experiencing so that we can further investigate?

With detailed information, we will be able to assist you. 

All the best,


Roku Community Moderator
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