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Re: TOS Dispute Resolution Terms


The terms are not new. Just a minor update. The no class action and arbitration clauses have been there all along.

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Re: Do not agree with disclaimer I want a refund for my Ruku

This was bull**bleep** how they did this.

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Binge Watcher

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Temper tantrum, no!  
i've stated my opinion as have others.  

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Channel Surfer

Re: Roku disables players and TVs with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Super pissed about this. Ixll be sending the opt out through the mail...afterwards, who all wants to join a class action LS for bricking devices we already own?

Channel Surfer

Re: Roku disables players and TVs with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Have you ever had to deal with their costumer service? It's a nightmare. My 4K streaming stick stopped working before the 6 month warranty and when I contacted them for a replacement it took over an hour just to get through to a costumer service agent, only to tell me I'd be responsible for shipping. I was disconnected and the process started all over again. It took my going on to the community boards to launch every complaint I could to finally get a call from costumer service and have it replaced.

I will NEVER buy another Roku device again and suggest the rest of consumers follow suit. This company needs to be eliminated.

Roku Guru

Re: Forced TOS and no easy opt out

Just be aware that most all electronics, digital services, and even stuff like your credit cards will have the same terms involving binding arbitration. Plus, Roku already had binding arbitration. They just made some minor changes to it.

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Re: Roku disables players and TVs with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Yep, I was already on the verge of never buying their stuff again cause they keep reinstalling useless apps I remove but this is too much. It's a shame that corporate overlords ruin every tech company to make even more money

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

@fatkinson wrote:

I purchased an Apple TV.  
I will be replacing my Roku with it next week when I have time to spend on learning to use it and setting it up.  
I had been a very happy Roku customer up to now.  
Not any more.  
I sent them the opt out letter.  It should be there any day.  
This is disgraceful!  

While I am unhappy about how Roku went about this, it seems like an odd "solution" to this situation to go with an Apple TV.

Here is a thread on Apple's own forums about Apple TV continually popping up an agreement notice for new iCloud terms and conditions:

The solution to agree for making it stop involves going through 8 (eight) steps?!

As far as arbitration, for several issues that may not change much at the end of the day.  A couple people attempted action because Apple had been advertising that "what happens in iTunes stays in iTunes" while according to their claims a "third-parties could buy music habits and user home addresses from tech giant for $136 per 1,000 people."  If I recall correctly, the agents working on behalf of Apple never claimed that such selling of data never took place.  Instead, they pointed out that such selling is not proof of any monetary damages so the action was thrown out.

Given this very revealing statement by people representing Apple that the company may not adhere to their own advertising of privacy, I just assume claims of privacy on Apple TV is also marketing fluff and double talk.

Keep in mind, even if Apple were to honor their privacy claims, they have little control on what your streaming services that you sign up for end up collecting.  So, for example, nvidia scored well on the Mozilla *privacy not included project review.  But again, as soon as you install a streaming service on their player, as far as I see it, you are back in the same place for that service tracking.


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Streaming Star

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

@AJCxZ0 wrote:

I have submitted an "abuse report" to let the Moderator know it was not spam, so I'm sure that post will be back imminently and I can remove this one.

Since the Moderators appear to have not yet got to that abuse report, I'm reposting the transcript of my chat with Roku Support which I copied manually (since there of no option to save or receive by email), formatted for readability andwith names replaced for privacy but is otherwise unedited.

Automated message 2:06 pm
Thanks for contacting Roku Customer Support! How can we help?
We'll connect you with an advisor as soon as we can.

Support joined the chat
Support 2:06 pm
Hi [Me],
Thank you for contacting Roku! My name is Support.

Me 2:06 pm
Hullo, Support. How's your day going?

Support 2:07 pm
I'm Good [Me], thanks for asking, How about you?

Me 2:07 pm
Good so far, thanks.

Me 2:09 pm
I was unable to use my Ulta because all its functions were disabled by the notice attempting to force
agreement with arbitration.

After getting the device to crash, reset and launch apps immediately on boot a few times I now no longer
see the notice.

Me 2:10 pm
This sounds like a non-problem, however I want confirmation that my previous opting out of the arbitration
has not been affected.

Support 2:10 pm
I understand that you're having trouble with agree the terms and conditions, is that correct [Me]?

Me 2:11 pm
That is incorrect. I *had* trouble with that, but that's not the reason I'm contacting you.

Support 2:12 pm
Extremely sorry for the inconvenience, could you please elaborate the issue?

Me 2:13 pm
I believe I described it precisely. What part of "I want confirmation that my previous opting out of the
arbitration has not been affected." can I clarify?

Support 2:16 pm
No need to worry about it.
Support 2:16 pm
Please perform a System Restart by
Press Home on your Roku remote
Scroll and select Settings
Select System
Select Power. If you do not see a Power submenu, skip to the next step.
Select System restart

Me 2:17 pm
Why are you asking me to restart a device when I only asked you to confirm a matter of fact?

Support 2:18 pm
It will not affect anything,

Me 2:20 pm
Are you aware that you just told me that instead of answering my question, you requested that I do something
irrelevant which would "not affect anything"?

Support 2:22 pm
I'm sorry that you felt way, agree the terms and conditions, doesn't not affect the previous options on the

Me 2:25 pm
I said nothing about feelings and "agree the terms and conditions, doesn't not affect the previous options
on the device" is close to impossible to meaningfully parse even ignoring the double negative.

Me 2:26 pm
I don't mean to give you a hard time as I know that you have a tough job which I suspect recently got a lot
tougher, but as your customer I do expect you to do the job.

Me 2:29 pm
To make this easier, please pick one of the following options:
Following interactions with each of my Roku devices following the notice concerning new Terms and Conditions,
1. No change was recorded and I remain opted out of the arbitration agreement,
2. Despite not agreeing to the change, one or more of my devices incorrectly registered agreement to the new
Terms and Conditions, or

3. I don't know, but I will find out and have someone contact you by email within three business days with\
an answer.

Me 2:32 pm
[Change the "I" to "You" in 3. since it refers to you, not me.]

Support 2:33 pm
please accept my sincere apologies on this, let me explain
Support 2:36 pm
I thought that you're still having the issue that why I sent you the trouble shooting steps and terms and
conditions doesn't caused the trouble, I'm sure that we haven't heard any issues from the customer after
updating the terms and conditions.

Me 2:38 pm
Not that you understand the issue was not that, please go ahead and provide the requested confirmation.
Me 2:38 pm
["Now", not "Not"]

Support 2:40 pm
I confirm you that the previous option doesn't affected by the arbitration
Me 2:42 pm
I appreciate that English is a terrible language, but could you please pick option 1. if that is correct
(rather than be unclearly give a different answer).


Support left the chat
Automated message 2:45 pm
Your chat session has ended. If you still need help, please reply here in the next 15 minutes to be
connected to another advisor.


Reel Rookie

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

I can’t accept the terms they turned off my Roku box  so any suggests on how to accept the new terms w the Roku box turned off 

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