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Roku disables players and TVs with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

⚠️Mon 4 Mar 2024 18:23 EST: The title of this thread was changed from Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement to [Discussion] Roku Dispute Resolution Term Update, but not by me or with my permission.

I was enjoying using my Roku Ultra for the purpose for which I purchased it when this appeared on the screen:


Aside from viewing the updated Terms, all functionality of the Roku was and remains disabled. Power cycling the device simply returns it to this unusable state.

To save you the considerable time it takes to scroll through the updated Terms to find out what we Roku customers who don't wish to dispense with our legal rights as consumers and want to continue using our products, here is the relevant section:


I don't mean this post to address the ongoing [2023 Word of the Year, censored here and links including it broken - see Scunthorpe problem] of Roku as evidenced by the addition of the permanently visible advertising in the bottom left of the interface, the half screen advertising to the right with the rationed ability to hide ads which have already been seen and will be re-displayed anyway since the choice to hide is simply ignored, the constant addition of advertising "features" to the interface menu which have to be hidden (if permission is given to do so), etc., but effectively disabling the device to coerce their customers to act against their own interests is...


Given that Roku has all this information and could trivially collect it with the click of a Disagree button, the painfully obviously arbitrary and costly barrier to declining arbitration (including the copy of the purchase receipt which you are supposed to know when is "applicable" and would of course invalidate the fulfilment of these devious requirements if it was found to be "applicable"), a plain interpretation of the Terms indicates that a single letter would suffice for all of us so long as it includes each of our names and registered email addresses (which is the contact information) along with a list of every (affected) Roku product. None of these are required to be correlated, just collected, printed in very small print on both sides of as much paper as needed and included in the letter. The tricky part would be privately collecting the names and addresses with the assurance that the data would be destroyed when no longer needed.

Images in this post are license under Creative Commons  BY-NC-ND 4.0.

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Did anyone else notice Roku retroactively changed terms and conditions

So today is 3/2 and up pops the notice to accept updated terms & conditions.   I actually read things so the only thing changing is what you have to do in order to sue them.  Fine T&C change however the effective date was 11 days ago (Feb 20th).

Considering they have the ability to push the T&C updates out electronically I'm wondering why this is retroactive.


Re: Class Action Suit - Forced to sign a ( I won’t Join a Class Action suit against ROKU ).

I cannot believe ROKU would suspend the use of your product and their service until you sign a “ I wont join a class Action suit against Roku”   Too me it smells like Gorilla tactics strong arming people in the dead of night to hit I won’t sue Class Action prompt.   ) ROKU= “ Sorry this TV and these Streaming Devices will no longer work until you agree with us”.    That in it self should constitute a violation of some kind and warrant a Class Action suit for strong arming customers in the dead of night.    This is my two cents ( or ¢10 Biden inflation).  

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Have a Roku tv that is disabled because of the message. When contacting customer service, they want a credit card to charge me to help clear the problem they created.  Currently rebooting


Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Reboot didn't work.   I unplugged my Roku soundbar.   And the General Counsel will hear from me Monday.   Sadly for them, I'm a professional expert witness.  Game on **bleep**es...

Reel Rookie

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Haven't seen this, so perhaps my 10 year old agreed. I certainly didn't approve and don't agree. I guess I'll tell them to talk to my minor with any arbitration issues.

Channel Surfer

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

I got it too. My question is, "No access until they receive your opt out notice in the mail?" How long will that take? I will sue them for cutting of access to apps I pay for. I will be paying for apps I cannot use. 

Personally, I am going going smash my ROKU stick to pieces and mail that to their opt out address and find another product to use. 

Channel Surfer

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Until they did this, I never thought about sue ing Roku. I own several Rokus including 3 Roku TVs. I'll never buy another one. 

After one hour on the chat, there is nothing they can do. Their backend team is working on it.


Reel Rookie

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

New update states: we’ve (Roku) updated our DST. Select “agree” to these updated terms and to continue enjoying our products ( my purchased tv) and services. 
I do t agree, and purchased this particular model over two years ago, and have read your new terms entirely. I can opt out in writing ONLY and unless I click “agree” on my currently OWNED product to your terms I cannot watch MY PURCHASED PRODUCT.  Please explain yourselves and YOUR ACTIONS to hinder me from using  my purchased product until you receive my “snail mail” opt out letter. MY tv Worked fine until you demanded I click YOUR NEW TERMS.  

Channel Surfer

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

That's nothing. If you lost your remote, you can't agree and your TV is still unusable.


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