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Roku Hdmi Annoyance ......

I bought a DVR as my default source. Everytime I switch on my DVR/TV, Roku snatches the input, I have to wrestle with it by pressing my DVR 3/4 times to get the picture back. This also causes 4k hdmi handshaking problems which often lead to me restarting my DVR. I've been in a witch hunt trying to sort the hdmi issues with my DVR for months. Tried all 4 hdmi sockets. Today I notice a Roku setting "One touch display". Switched this off and it no longer interferes with my DVR connection, BUT, now pressing my Roku won't wake it up. Now have to select the source with my TV remote. The problem is simply that with the setting on, Roku should gain source on "key press", which would be perfect, but it doesn't, it doesn't wait for a "key press", it just takes over input from wake up, without even pressing anything. This is causing so many problems. If Roku developers read this. Sort it out!!! 


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Re: Roku Hdmi Annoyance ......

Yep, I was going to suggest turning off one-touch-play but you already found it.  Roku will still wake up, you'll just need to control the TV yourself.  The situation with Roku wanting too much attention of one-touch-play is active has been present for years.  I wouldn't expect any fix soon.

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