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Roku 11 loses ability to change channels

Since the OS 11 update, I find that occasionally (every few days), I have to restart my TCL Roku TV to regain ability to change OTA channels. It’s not the remote. I can move up and down in the Guide, but choosing a new channel to watch and hitting ok just brings me back to the channel I was watching. If I don’t bring up the guide, channel up and down commands do nothing. This is both on the physical remote and the iPhone Roku app. Restarting the TV resolves the issue, but not permanently. I’m having to restart the set every few days. 

Roku OS 11.0.0 build 4193-30

Roku TV 7121X

TCL Model 65R615

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Binge Watcher

Re: Roku 11 loses ability to change channels

I am having a similar issue that seemed to have started several days ago for the live TV OTA. My problem is that after awhile if I don't change the channel none of the buttons work except the home button. Can't pull up the guide, can't pause, can't press up and down to change the channel, can't press OK to pull up the current channel information. The only way to temporarily fix it is if I press the home button then go back to OTA.

I am using a USB for the pause and rewind/fast forward functions so I unplugged that to see if that was causing the issue. I'll let you know if that seems to help. 

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