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Roko has deactivated my friends account. How does he get his Roku back

Roku has deactivated my friends account.  He called several weeks ago to get ESPN login and then again on 02/02/2023 and since that time he has been deactivated.  please let me know how to help him get his Roku back..

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Re: Roko has deactivated my friends account. How does he get his Roku back

He gets very limited service.  His password was changed to guest mode. 

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Re: Roko has deactivated my friends account. How does he get his Roku back

This is kind of vague problem statement, but when I read “called” and I read “guest mode”, it makes me think of people who have called some random guy they found on the internet, and that guy typically scams them out of some money, and frequently maintains control of their Roku account (or sets their Roku up on his own account) so he can come back and demand more money later.

Is that what you think happened here or have I assumed too much? 

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Re: Roko has deactivated my friends account. How does he get his Roku back


Your above description sounds like a well-known scam where your friend may have contacted someone not affiliated with Roku who now has access to the Roku account.  Usually the account is unscrupulously placed into Guest Mode in order to get payment.

Roku does not charge a fee to use Roku or setup your Roku device.  You do not call anyone at Roku to setup the Roku or to add premium subscriptions.  Everything is either done through the device itself or on the official website of the subscription.


Your friend should Factory Reset the Roku device or RokuTV by pressing and holding the Reset button for 30+ seconds.  Once the setup screen screen appears, set up the Roku device using a different email than you did before. (This will create a new Roku account).  

If your friend had other subscriptions on the previous Roku account, then cancel them by going to the provider's websites or by contacting Roku billing "Accounts, Payments, and Subscriptions" at https://support.roku.com/contactus

If the above sounds like what happened to your friend, then on that same link, https://support.roku.com/contactus, also use the option "Report a Scam" to Roku so they can look into it further for your friend.


Best place to come for help and support is this forum or to look at the Roku support articles https://support.roku.com/.  Do not call anyone as phone support for Roku devices is very limited and be careful when searching for Roku support on the internet to eliminate scammers.

Feel free to post an update if you need more help.


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