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Reel Rookie

Remove the new ad from the homescreen immediately

When I purchased this product instead of a Fire TV or other similar device, it was based on the fact that there was only 1 ad on the home screen and I didn't have to look at it all the time.

Your most recent update has added a second ad on the home screen which is now visible even when the other ad is not and unlike most of the promotional "extras" you add to the home screen, there does not appear to be a way to remove it.

We made an agreement at the time of purchase. I researched the details of the product I was getting, what it's functionality was, and its value based on the price. I decided on this device based on the number and location of ads that were present in the interface.

Adding new ads to the home screen without my permission has fundamentally broken the agreement we made at the time of purchase. You have changed the product I purchased without my consent. My Roku is now less valuable as a result, value that you have taken from me. This is completely unacceptable.

Please provide a way to remove these new ads now.


Search tags:  consumers rights, anti-consumer, ads, homescreen, home screen, spam

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Roku Guru

Re: Remove the new ad from the homescreen immediately

I agree, they just couldn't resist putting another ad, they will NEVER give you a way to remove this and they will never remove it themselves. Roku's number one priority is Ad Revenue! Everything else is secondary and that includes the customer experience. I expect it to get worse, I wouldn't be surprised if they start sticking ads in between the app rows next so they can get even more money. Terrible company Roku has become.

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