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Remove Streaming, Recommendations, Favorites and Recent's from Live TV Guide

Roku developers continue to make unneeded/unwanted features to the Live TV Guide.

As of a few days ago an update added Streaming Channels and Recommendations even though I already had them turned off in Settings > TV Inputs > Live TV > Manage Channels > "Hide Streaming Channels". No that setting does nothing.

We need a way to remove Streaming Channels, Recommendations, Favorites and Recent's from Live TV Guide. At the very least obey your settings menu.


Also, to the Roku Community Moderation Web Bots, do not reply with you request for device information or Factory Reset solutions.

Reel Rookie

Re: Remove Streaming, Recommendations, Favorites and Recent's from Live TV Guide

I would love that too - especially the easy removal of Recents.  Even a simple "Clear all Recents" from the menu would be sufficient.

I noticed that Live TV channels watched when opening from the "Live TV" app (blue icon) as opposed to watching through either the Roku Channel app (white icon) or the other Watch Live app (pink icon) do not always appear in any "Continue Watching" space, the only location to manually remove a recent item.

The only convoluted way with one of these recent builds to remove Recents effectively is to open the channel manually from its own Roku Channel app (not from the channel listings), watch for several minutes, then return to the Roku Channel main menu to see whether it has appeared under "Continue Watching".  If it has, deleting from here *should* clear it out of both channel listings' "Recents" section.  If not - rinse and repeat...

It's a little cumbersome to go through this method to delete recent channels, admittedly - but I at least found this way to work.  Need a much simpler method though, agreed.

I just posted a bug about "Favorites" as well - seems as if channels marked as Favorites are being duplicated in the channel listings.  Should also be a "Delete all Favorites" as well, at a bare minimum.


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