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Plutotv stupid screen saver

Yes I have Roku screen saver off I have bandwidth saver off yet after 30 minutes like after every show this stupid plutotv screen saver comes up it wakes me up multiple times a night how can I make it stop or does anyone know of a better app with like forensic files type shows I fall asleep to that won’t shut off?? Thank you

update: tubi does the stupid screen saver too I’m starting to think they run out of commercials I now have been just doing free trials for the ones that cost until one doesn’t do this I need my sleep lol

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Re: Plutotv stupid screen saver

Hi @Random1

Thanks for the post.

Starting Roku OS 10.5, we added a new Power item in Settings > System menu for some Roku models. If you have this Power item, under Auto power savings, see if deactivating after 20 minutes of no interaction fixes the problem.

If the issue persists, please be advised that some streaming channels employ their own mechanism to cease data usage after a specific period of inactivity. These features will not be affected when you disable Bandwidth Saver.

I hope this helps!

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: Plutotv stupid screen saver

Certainly there are hundreds if not thousands of channel/apps on Roku.  However, quite a few of them do have inactivity timers and even those that don’t might add one at any time.  Unlike broadcasting, each individual stream costs, so many companies don’t want to keep a stream going when no one is watching (the ads).  For sleeping, you might want to use broadcasting (TV or radio) rather than streaming, or get one of those ambient sound generators that depend on nothing external to make noise all night.  Then again, I notice that if I search for “sleep” in the channel store, quite a few sleep sound apps for Roku are listed.

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Re: Plutotv stupid screen saver

Try Tubi.