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Re: Roku update 10.5 just broke all of my channels

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Same issue happened with me. New update broke all channels but Netflix. No channels will load up or stream content. 

Tried to reset wifi settings, and then preformed a factory reset. Now, I can't re-activate my TV to my roku account. I go through the new TV set up screen after factory reset, enter in the email associated with my roku account, receive the activation email in my inbox to verify, click through set up on my comp until it says "complete" and my TV says it should automatically refresh once I have logged in on the comp, but nothing happens. TV never logs me in. My TLC Roku TV is now useless, please assist! 

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Re: [OS 10.5] Roku TV experiencing loading channel issues

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Only Channel/App that works is Netflix.  This has been occurring since auto update.  Cannot use anything but Netflix

ROKU TV:   7130X

TCL MODEL:  50S425


Software Version: 10.5.0 build 4201-30

Device Id: J3994E089581

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Re: [OS 10.5] Roku TV experiencing loading channel issues

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Hey user "Update105bricks" .. agree with you completely. 

I have 4 Roku TV devices, multiple brands in 2 separate homes and Roku is completely broken except Netflix. Same issues as everyone else.

Roku now needs to be outed on this one. I'm, surprised "The Verge" or other media outlets have not had an article written up yet. It's probably coming in days I imagine. This is an absolute, no question, widespread problem for the vast majority of Roku users who have the 10.5 update.

Danny is a bot and does not care. Nobody from Roku has said squat and I don't think they care either, so, yes .. blasting them on Social Media seems like the way to get attention being the squeaky wheel. As phone calls to support and "Danny" doing these one-off's are just stupid.

Roku needs to address this widespread 10.5 update failure and massive widespread problem, tell us to hang in there and push out a 10.5.1 or 10.6 fixed update. 

I am a social media dummy, so please - someone post here where to post on social media to get Roku's Sr. Management attention .. because that's really the only way to do this now at this point. I'm convinced. As soon as Roku Sr Managers see all of us pissed off Roku money payers .. they might get their PR and Dev's to act and friction' ... talk to us honestly at least. 

Thanksgiving is coming up and there's going to be even more pissed off customers.

GET THIS FIXED ROKU!!  Sheesh! Unbelievable. Horrible quality control letting this roll out to customers not well tested. It's software Dev and Rollout 101. I'm a Tech IT Program Manager and I can easily help you with this issue and with your going angry customer base Roku .. call me! I'm serious. 


Re: [OS 10.5] Roku TV experiencing loading channel issues

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Something easy and free to try with helping performance is to clear the Roku cache. It seemed to help my devices.

Go Home

Press Home 5 times

Up once

Rewind twice

Fast Forward twice

Roku will freeze the screen; let it finish, and it will reboot. Good luck to all.

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Re: [OS 10.5] Roku TV experiencing loading channel issues

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I too am having issues on 2 devices as described by other. 

4670RW Roku Ultra

10.5.0 4201-46, no microsd card installed.

7303X, Insignia N55DR620NA18

10.5.0 4201-31

Both units display the same troubles. Both have wired internet connects, Both connect. Some app work while others don't. Netflix works. Xfinity Stream and ESPN don't work. Roku Channel doesn't work. Some will open but not stream content. Others will not open at all. I have tried all the solutions I have seen posted including resets, restarts, channel reinstalls to no avail. It appears that they are running to slowly and apps just time out. Either a solution or a return to 10.0.0 is needed.

Thank you.

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Re: [OS 10.5] Roku TV experiencing loading channel issues

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Roku TV 7130X

TCL model 50S423
SN YN00JM700114
Software 10.5 build 4201-30

extremely slow, all apps don’t load or crash

antenna input slow, guide doesn’t load properly

a mess

switched to APPLE TV streaming

Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: [OS 10.5] Roku TV experiencing loading channel issues

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for you patience while we investigate the issue you are experiencing.

If you have not already provided us with your device information in this thread, please send me a Private Message (PM) with the following information:
-Roku device model, serial number, device ID, and software OS/version (these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
-summary of the issue you are seeing

Once we have this information, we will be able to assist you further.

For more information about how to send a PM, please see our Community post here: https://community.roku.com/t5/Welcome-to-the-Roku-Community/Welcome-to-the-Roku-Community/m-p/698230...


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Roku TV Connectivity issues

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I posted everything that was requested last week, but the person on the forum who requested it appears MIA. Tomorrow will be 2 full weeks that I have not been able to fully use my 65 inch RCA Roku television. This is embarrassing. I have not even owned this television for one full year yet. I hope there are people working round the clock on this for the hundreds of roku television owners who have products rendered useless. This is what inspires class action lawsuits. 

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Re: Network problems with new update

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Same problem with Roku in my Sharp TV.  Prior to new software everything worked well.  Now all apps report no network even though Roku settings report that the network connection is excellent.


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Re: [OS 10.5] Roku TV experiencing loading channel issues

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Roku TV 7113X

TCL model 65S401

SN YN00VK260730

Software 10.5 build 4201-30

DEVICE ID D367CV260730


Nothing loads except Netflix.... Help!