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Main screen and all channels scrambled

Roku was working fine earlier today and then after an hour of the tv off everything is now scrambled. Tried unplugging everything and turned power off and restarted...every time it comes back on, the roku logo will show and sound works but once the main screen comes on everything is scrambled. I have a roku 4 (4400X) and philips tv, roku has worked since 2016. I can’t look at settings to see about updates since the screen is scrambled but I show it is using software version I had to start using my phone as the remote just to be able to choose stuff and see some info. Tried factory reset but it didn’t work either. Any suggestions?7172CAD3-CF7F-465C-8667-671BEFF65687.jpeg




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Re: Main screen and all channels scrambled

Try this:

  • HOME x 3 - This will ensure you're on the top of the Main Menu
  • UP - This should be Settings
  • OK - This enters the Settings menu
  • DOWN x 3 - This should highlight Display Type
  • OK - This takes you into

Now this is where it gets complicated. If you're on Auto (the default) then DOWN x 1 should take you to 720p. If you are on a different setting, then it's uncertain where it will take you. Note that if a setting doesn't work, it will revert to whatever your setting is.

  • DOWN x ? - Go to whatever setting you want to try
  • Wait 10 seconds for internal checks and changes
  • OK to accept whatever is changed

If things look good, accept the changes. If not, just wait, and it will revert. If no activity is after 30 seconds, press OK

Note that you should still be on the selection you made, not at the original setting. You can go DOWN one more time to try another setting. 

Repeat until you're tired of doing it. Probably 10 times is more than enough.

If that solves it, great. If not, then you'll want to try something else, such as a new HDMI cord.

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