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Horrendous wifi speeds on roku enabled TV. Perfectly fine on Chromecast Ultra?

I can't understand why, unless I have some bad setting or there's a **bleep**ty chip inside the tv.

My internet is 400 mbps. Even on wifi, at this distance, speed tests report (on both my phone, and a chromecast speed test app) 230-280Mbps down.

My roku TV maxes out at 56Mbps down, usually stuck at <20

This is not a matter of a faulty test-- my chromecast can support playing a 80Mbps file without interruptions. My roku cannot.

Am I missing some setting somewhere, or did Roku / the TV manufacturer cheap out on a decent wifi chip? Considering the price of my chromecast, the price of my TV (albeit for me it was free from a friend), and the price of an equivalently sized non smart tv, I need to know if I need to start recommending against Roku TVs because the "all in one" status just isn't worth it. (Non smart + chromecast < this tv).

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