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Reel Rookie

Does Roku have an unlocking policy?

Companies such as Xiaomi provide a service where we can apply for permission to unlock the device, and install the software we want, giving us full control. This is particularly helpful for  e-waste and the environment. 

It's also helpful if you've had enough of adverts on your TV. 

How does Roku help it's customers gain control of the device they have bought? What is the process like?

If unlocking is not permitted, are owners permitted to install their own apk within the unlocked, sandboxed environment?

In other words, if I buy a Roku device, am I going to be forced to watch adverts? Am I the product?

This isn't meant to be a political question. I need it know what I am buying, or renting access to. 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Does Roku have an unlocking policy?

Roku devices are very locked down and they are not Android, so no APKs.  Given that you're asking these questions, it may not be the device for you.  More and more I feel like I don't own my Roku devices, they do.

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Roku Guru

Re: Does Roku have an unlocking policy?

"More and more I feel like I don't own my Roku devices, they do."


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