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Digital audio output

Is there a Roku streaming device that has a digital audio output? I know the TV's do (I own one) but I received a new soundbar as a gift and it does not have an HDMI input.

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Roku Guru

Re: Digital audio output

They all have digital audio output (HDMI provides that).

You are probably asking if any have Optical output - only the 4640 (2016 Ultra) has that.

Any Roku model can connect to your TV (brand/model unknown) via HDMI and the TV *should* output at least PCM 2.0 to anything connected to the Optical output.

However, if you want full 5.1 support, the 4800 (2020 Ultra) has a Dolby decoder, and thus can transcode/convert DD+ to DD for output via HDMI; if you connect it to your TV, and your TV can pass DD from HDMI to Optical, then will get 5.1 output from all supported apps/content.  Again, this is only for 5.1 support (otherwise, if you dont need 5.1, any Roku model should do).

You should probably check what HDMI>Optical passing capabilities your TV has (PCM 2.0, DD, DD+ etc).

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