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Changing my Roku from IR to RF

I recently purchased a Roku Ultra and also a Sonos Beam surround with 2 speakers. I cannot get my remote to operate the soundbar. I talked to the Sonos people for almost 2 hours and they said that I need to change the Roku box to an RF connection because it's currently set to IR. Is there anyone that can help me with this issue?


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Re: Changing my Roku from IR to RF


We may need @Tivoburkee or others to weigh in on this. But understand this, regardless of what Sonos said, the remote that came with the Roku Ultra is an RF (WiFi Direct) remote.

You can configure your remote to work with many TVs (for power or power/volume), and many sound systems (volume). Is Sonos not found when you attempt to configure your remote?

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