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Reel Rookie

Cast to Roku power outage

Yesterday we had a quick power outage, I mean so short the lights didnt even fully go out. It was more like a blink and you would have missed it.

Since this, no phone or PC connected to the same network will find the roku and will no longer cast/connect to it. Ive reset, turned off & on, checkd for updates on both roku & phone, called my ISP but nothing. Im talking about cast to Tv, not screen mirroring.

When I try to cast youtube to my tv from 2 phones or pc I get the same message, searching for device, then says no device found. The PC sometimes sees both rokus in the house but will not connect when cast to either of them.

Is there a setting Ive overlooked? Why would a quick blink of power cause this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Cast to Roku power outage

Try restarting everything involved - Roku, computer, gateway/modem/router, and anything else you can think of.  Unplug the power to everything and then plug them back in starting with the network equipment.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Cast to Roku power outage

I reset & restarted everything twice if not more. Im not sure what the issue was but I had to redownload youtube & sign in which I never did before. I also doubt that it was a youtube update or anything of the sort. What concerns me is that I had to find a work around not a resolution to the issue.

Everything was reset, unplugged, everything. Ive only used it once since the problem started but Im worried it will happen again and have no idea where to look to ensure future issues do not arise. 

For some reason we have had several of this power blinks over the resent few days with no explanation to why. 

All I know is I was casting youtube from my phone(note 4) granted it old it was never a problem. Then the power blinks and youtube froze on the tv, not even sure if the net fully clicked off & back on. Then after hitting home on the roku and attempting to to restart watching/casting it kept showing as no device found on 2 phones a PC and 2 roku's. Im not sure if that more of a roku issue or net issue. With the way the devices are & how everythings connected I have to point to the roku first, then the internet & since I problem solved for 3 hours with net techs, I can only assume it was an issue with roku systems in the event of failure. 

If anyone has knowledge or had a similar experience please share

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Cast to Roku power outage

Hi @HiddenNshadows,

Thanks for keeping us posted.

We understand that the issue has been persistent despite the troubleshooting steps taken to resolve the issue. Could you please confirm if you're experiencing the issue with Youtube or are other channels are affected?

With more detailed information, we'll be able to assist further.

All the best,

Takashi O.
Roku Community Moderator
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