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Cast screen from android to Roku was working this morning, not 6 hours later stopped working

I found out this morning that I could use Smart View on my android to mirror my screen to my Roku. It was working great. I was able to connect my device to my VR headset and cast it to the TV via Roku. Was stoked. In the afternoon, tried to connect my phone to the Roku, won't connect. I have tried restarting the Roku, airplane mode on/off on my device, restarting my device, going under advanced settings under my Roku menu, and making sure all the options were correct. My device will find my Roku, but when I try to connect, it loads for a bit and then refreshes the 'devices found' screen. My roommate, who has the same phone as me, was able to connect immediately this evening with no problem. I also had tried restarting my router. Still no luck. Suggestions? By all accounts, there is absolutely NO reason it shouldn't be working anymore...

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Re: Cast screen from android to Roku was working this morning, not 6 hours later stopped working

I had the same issue with my first 65 inch u6g Roku tv. Worked great a few times and then it would give me video but no audio. I returned it and got another one as I tried everything and nothing worked. 2nd tv of the same thing worked great 1 time and when I tried to connect again to use it I had the exact same issue as you have. It keeps refreshing my list while it says connecting and I get no prompt on my tv to allow. I have tried near everything again with no results. 

  Did you ever get this issue figured out or working again? If so how and I wondered if it was an issue with some update they put out?

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